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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Corian Countertop Alteration. New Cooktop

Here we have an old electric range that has seen it's last days. Normally you would go buy another one and keep on trucking, or cooking I should say. In this case, they no longer make a cooktop that will fit the cutout once the old range is removed.

Faced with the option of buying an entire new Corian island and a new cooktop, or having the existing Corian island altered to fit the new cooktop, these homeowners were extremely happy to find the we can make any necessary alterations to their Corian to make it fit any application they wanted.

As you can tell, this one has been installed for quite a while. Once I get it all cleaned up, I will get started with the alteration. I will be using the two cutting boards that are in the first picture.

There you have it. I was so busy working on this one that I forgot to take pics of some of things I wanted to show you, but you get the idea. I had to shrink the cooktop cutout from left to right and also add the front rail of Corian, complete with matching "Bone" colored inlay. The top is Sandstone.

Corian countertop alteration in Greensboro North Carolina done by Complete Solid Surface Refinishing.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Replace Undermount Cornerstone Sink With A Drop In Stainless Steel Sink

This is a Cornerstone integral sink. It has been badly damaged and the homeowner would like to replace it with a stainless steel drop in sink. They were a little concerned about doing a drop in sink because they have a drain board that is cut into the Cornerstone countertop.

One of the main concerns was, water leaking from the drain board and going underneath the sink. The other concern was the appearance. They did not want it to look like an afterthought or a mistake. Obviously I did not want that either.

Here is the finished product. The homeowner loved it and we did a water spill test to ensure that the sink was properly sealed at the drain board area.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Avonite Countertop Repair. High Point, NC.

This is an Avonite countertop repair. As you can see it has a crack that is about 22" long and irregular.

I was contacted by Realtor Sharon Sink with Ed Price Realty about this job. She could get the prospective buyers to close on this by the end of the week if I could do a satisfactory repair for her. Of course, I could do better than satisfactory. Here it is.

Now wouldn't you know it, this particular flavor of Avonite is discontinued and of course the homeowner did not have any cutting boards or sink cutouts to use for the repair. We decided the only way to make the repair happen was to steal the side splash from the oven cabinet wall and use it for the repair material. Of course that means that we will need to do something else for the oven cabinet panel since it is kind of messed up where the silicone was holding the splash to the wall.

I decided to start checking with my network of fabricators around the country and to my surprise I finally found some of the material. It ended being the last piece that Aristech Acrylics had and they sent it to me quickly. Thank You Aristech Acrylics for that!

Now, with the splash off the wall we are ready to start fixing this thing. I could have sworn that I had a picture of the splash off the wall, but nooo!

Anyway, here is the bad area after I have cut through the cracked area in preparation for the new repair piece to be inserted.

Here is the inlay of repair material that I got from the sidesplash. The reason for using the sidesplash for the repair is, I can use it because it is the same dye lot as the rest of the countertop. The new replacement splash will be the same color but will definitely be from a different dye lot. The dye lot is one of the main components in getting an invisible repair. Here is a non dye lot repair so you can see the difference.

Here you have it. The final result. A flawless, invisible repair. The prospective buyers became the actual buyers and closed on the house by week's end. The new owner's and the Realtor,Sharon Sink were both extremely pleased. I look forward to working with Sharon again in the future.

Avonite Countertop Repair in High Point NC done by Complete Solid Surface Refinishing in Beautiful North Carolina!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Countertop Modification, Alteration and Crack Repair

This is a countertop modification, alteration to resolve the issue of a cracked countertop around the cooktop. Actually, the material is not Corian, it is old Surrell. The homeowner did not have any cutting boards or other Surrell material for me to use for the crack repair. Since you can no longer get Surrell material we had to get a little bit creative with this one.

The homeowner decided that since she had white tile for the backsplash, maybe it would be a good look to just outline the cooktop with a white border. So I did that. She loved the finished result and I was quite pleased with how it came out too.

There isn't a whole lot to say about the job. I will just let these pics do most of the talking for me today.

This countertop modification, alteration and crack repair was done in Greensboro NC by Complete Solid Surface Refinishing in Beautiful North Carolina!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Corian Countertop Chemical Burn. Greensboro, NC.

This Corian countertop was burned pretty badly. Normally this type of burn comes from something you would expect it to come from like acetone in finger nail polish remover or brass and silver cleaners. This one however came from an unlikely source, one of those old drinking bird toys.

The homeowner told me that they had the bird out on the countertop just doing it's thing and at some point during the evening it got knocked over and the spill that resulted was not noticed for quite a while. When she finally did notice it, the damage was already done.

As you can see here, the chemical actually ate into the surface creating an area that you could feel as well as see.

It took a good amount of work to get this one right again but VIOLA!, there it is. Just like new.

Corian Countertop Chemical Burn. Greensboro, NC. Repair performed by Complete Solid Surface Refinishing in Beautiful North Carolina!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wilsonart Gibraltar Sink Replacement. Winston Salem, NC

Here we have a Wilsonart integral solid surface sink that the homeowner would like to replace with a stainless steel drop in sink.

Like a lot of my customers these days, the homeowner has just decided that she would like a stainless steel sink instead. Usually people decide to do this when there is extensive damage such as a crack or maybe even a hole in the sink that makes it unusable. This time though, they were just tired of this sink and wanted to go stainless steel.

Also, a lot of my customers are going to a large single bowl sink instead of two equal sized double bowl sinks.

FYI, the cabinets do not have to be disassembled in order to replace the sink. They were in the middle of having all of their cabinet doors and drawers refinished.

Wilsonart Gibraltar Sink Replacement. Winston Salem, NC Done by Complete Solid Surface Refinishing in Beautiful North Carolina!