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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Granite Composite Sink Replacement in Granite Countertop.

This granite composite sink replacement is in Asheville, NC. I love it when I have work to do up in the mountains. As you can see, this granite composite sink has cracked. The homeowner is not sure what caused it to crack but he knows he needs a new one.

Here is a look at the entire sink.

Here is where the sink used to be. I had a heck of a time trying to get this sink free from the granite countertop without cracking the granite. I have seen some fabricators go overboard with some undermount sink installations and
this was one time when they did.

I ended up having to break one side of the sink into pieces with a hammer just to get it free from the counterop. I thought it would be better to break the sink into pieces if it kept me from cracking the granite countertop.

After a whole lot of work and a trip to 2 different hardware stores, it is finally back together. Here is the new granite composit sink.

Granite Composite Sink Replacement in Asheville North Carolina done by Complete Solid Surface Refinishing! Serving all of North Carolina.


Bill said...

So you had to completely replace the old sink then it appears? When they are broken that bad there are no other options?

Bryan said...

That's right. I mean you could find some way to seal the crack for a while but it would look like that is what you did, and it would certainly not be permanent.

Gexton said...

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