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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Corian Countertop Chemical Burn. Greensboro, NC.

This Corian countertop was burned pretty badly. Normally this type of burn comes from something you would expect it to come from like acetone in finger nail polish remover or brass and silver cleaners. This one however came from an unlikely source, one of those old drinking bird toys.

The homeowner told me that they had the bird out on the countertop just doing it's thing and at some point during the evening it got knocked over and the spill that resulted was not noticed for quite a while. When she finally did notice it, the damage was already done.

As you can see here, the chemical actually ate into the surface creating an area that you could feel as well as see.

It took a good amount of work to get this one right again but VIOLA!, there it is. Just like new.

Corian Countertop Chemical Burn. Greensboro, NC. Repair performed by Complete Solid Surface Refinishing in Beautiful North Carolina!


Anonymous said...

what did you do to repair this problem????

Bryan Dix said...

I repaired by very aggressive sanding.