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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Corian Countertop Alteration. New Cooktop

Here we have an old electric range that has seen it's last days. Normally you would go buy another one and keep on trucking, or cooking I should say. In this case, they no longer make a cooktop that will fit the cutout once the old range is removed.

Faced with the option of buying an entire new Corian island and a new cooktop, or having the existing Corian island altered to fit the new cooktop, these homeowners were extremely happy to find the we can make any necessary alterations to their Corian to make it fit any application they wanted.

As you can tell, this one has been installed for quite a while. Once I get it all cleaned up, I will get started with the alteration. I will be using the two cutting boards that are in the first picture.

There you have it. I was so busy working on this one that I forgot to take pics of some of things I wanted to show you, but you get the idea. I had to shrink the cooktop cutout from left to right and also add the front rail of Corian, complete with matching "Bone" colored inlay. The top is Sandstone.

Corian countertop alteration in Greensboro North Carolina done by Complete Solid Surface Refinishing.