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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Corian Countertop Retro Fab. Oak Ridge, NC

This is a Corian countertop retro fabrication job. That simply means that someone wants to make some major changes to their kitchen but they want to re use their Corian countertops that are currently installed. While some retro projects are a little costly, they can still save a homeowner hundreds or in some cases even thousands of dollars on the cost of brand new countertops.

The picture below shows the existing tile island and the main peninsula countertop that is made from Corian. The homeowners want do away with the Corian peninsula and just continue the countertop straight along the wall.

In this next pic below, you can see that I have taken the peninsula portion of the countertop off of the existing cabinets and I have cut the remainder of the countertop to accept the new field seam that is required to extend the countertop after the cabinet guys take out the existing cabinets and rework the layout along the wall.

Notice the cast iron drop in sink. They also want to change that to an undermount stainless steel sink. That is an upgrade that I have been doing quite a bit of lately. By the way, that is also called a retrofit sink replacement.

Below is the series of finished pictures. Things to look for, the new granite island replaces the old tile island, the Corian countertop is now all finished in a straight run, and they now have a stainless steel undermount sink instead of their old cast iron drop in sink.

I was in full on countertop repair mode and did not do enough justice in this blog post to the great cabinet work that was done on the island, not to mention the gorgeous granite countertop. That work was done by Cabinet Studio in Winston Salem, NC.

Corian Countertop Retro Fab. Oak Ridge, NC. Done by Complete Solid Surface Refinishing in Beautiful Clemmons, North Carolina!