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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Retro Fit Sink Replacement. Undermount to Drop IN

This a a retro fit sink replacement. The customer had a Fountainhead brand intregal solid surface undermount sink that had the old squiggly lines in the bottom that would not sand out.

The customer was dead set against putting in another solid surface sink and wanted to go with a stone composite sink (Pegasus model) in a drop in application. This particular sink can be installed as an undermount or a drop in.

Every job has to have a good supervisor right? Here was my super for the day.

Here is the ugly old sink. As you can see, the small side has most of the damage.

The process for getting the old sink out is a little bit different on this one. When you do a solid surface sink replacement and you are going to go back with another solid surface sink, you cut the sink free from the countertop at the point where the countertop and the sink meet.

On this one, I can cut out the hole for the new sink and just leave the old sink attached to the countertop material, lift it straight out of the top of the countertop, and then the new sink is ready to be replaced.

Here is the new sink, all ready for washing dishes. I left before he made me wash dishes.

This job was performed by Complete Solid Surface Refinishing in beautiful North Carolina!