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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Retrofit Sink Replacement. Baden Lake North Carolina

Okay. Here is part two of Retrofit Sink Replacement. Baden Lake North Carolina.Unfortunately, some of my pictures were so bad it wasn't worth posting all of them. Anyway, here is a shorter version of events than I had originally hoped to post. I have the old sink out of there now. And I have cut the new sink opening to the proper size. There was not enough room in the cabinets to allow the new sink to go in. I had to cut out the cabinet walls to make room for manipulating the sink into position. Also, the new sink is so large that it extends beyond the walls of the cabinets. And that's it. After I got old sink out and re sized the sink cutout and cut away the cabinet walls, then I had to clamp the sink into position and attach the permanent sink holding system to finish the sink installation. Then of course I had to repair the cabinet walls so it did not look like we did what we did under there. The whole project was a day and a half. I expected to have it done in a day but the cabinet work added a few extra hours to the job. It turned out great though. I wish my pics were better. Retro fit sink replacement by Complete Solid Surface Refinishing in Beautiful North Carolina!

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