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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Retrofit Sink Replacement. Baden Lake, NC

Here is a cracked solid surface sink. The homeowner did not want to replace it with another solid surface sink and wanted to go with a stainless steel sink instead. As you can probably guess, changing to an entirely different type of sink does present some unique challenges. Once you cut out the solid surface sink, the hole that is left is certainly not going to be the same dimension or even have the same contour in the corners for that matter. In many instances we have to "shrink" the sink cutout and then recut the hole to fit the new sink. As always, there is no room for error because the whole point of having me to replace the sink is for it to not look like it was an after thought, even though it is a retro fit. It must look like it was there originally. Fortunately in this instance, we are not going to have to shrink the sink cutout, we are going to enlarge it. Uh oh, did I say this was fortunate? Well, from the standpoint of having to alter the countertop, it is fortunate. However, that also opens us up to an entirely different set of unique challenges. In this instance, the new sink (the only model that was large enough to fit the space from front to back) was quite a bit larger than the old, cracked solid surface sink. For this one, we have to make room where there isn't any room under the cabinet. Enough talk, here are some pics for you. 
                                   This is the cracked sink before I rip into it. Here are a couple of pictures after I have completed the sink replacement. This is going to be a lengthy post. To see how I got from where I started with the solid surface sink to where I ended up with the stainless steel sink,  click here for part 2. Retro fit sink replacement by Complete Solid Surface Refinishing in Beautiful North Carolina!

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