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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hi Macs Sink Reattachment. Cary, NC

I got a call from a customer that told me that her sink had fallen out of her Hi Macs countertop. We talked for a couple of minutes before I realized that the sink that fell out was also a Hi Macs sink. I thought she meant she had a stainless steel sink or some other material that was not the same as her countertops, but sure enough she had an integral Hi Macs sink.

In my 16 years of fabricating and repairing countertops I have never seen a solid surface sink actually come loose from the countertop like that. These sinks are installed to stay in forever, even if you try to get one to come out you can not make it happen without some major damage to the countertop in the process. What could have possibly made this one seperate and fall out?

Well, once I got there and saw the sink, it was very apparent what had made the sink fall out. Poor installation. Nothing else. That may explain why her fabricator left her hanging and would not come over to help her get her sink back in place. She actually had been without her sink for 11 days before she decided to quit messing around with that fabricator and find someone on her own (Me) to get her sink reinstalled. She had even been given the number of a couple of other fabricators and the number of another repair specialist in the state and still could not get anyone to help her. They all said they would get back in touch with her and then she just never got any other communication from any of them.

The sink was layig in her kitchen floor when I got there and immediately I could tell that it was never installed the way it is meant to be installed. There was definitely not enough of the joint adhesive placed around the perimeter of the sink. This was apparant because you could see the amount of adhesive that was stuck to the sink and stuck to the bottom of the countertop. The other big indicator was the discoloration of the top lip on the sink. It was all black and brown from long term exposure to water. No doubt it had been working its way loose for quite some time.

Since the first task is always finding out why the problem occured, we were off to a good start. Now the real work begins and it is time to get this sink put back into place, the right way.

Here is the sink in the floor. Notice the staining around the back and left side of the sink. That is from water exposure.

Yep, that is where the sink came from and that is where it is going back to. Fortunately none of the plumbing fixtures were damaged when the sink fell out. Unfortunately, the drain lines were not so lucky because the main drain pipe under the sink did end up getting cracked and they had to get a plumber out to rework the drain lines.

Well here it is. Back like it is supposed to be and now with no chance of falling out again.

Here is her testimonial about the job.
"After the undermount sink detached from our countertop, we spent several frustrating days unsuccessfully trying to contact the original installers to come and repair. Finally, I gave up on them and called Bryan on a Friday evening. He returned my call the next morning and was there to repair my sink by Monday afternoon. It was amazing! Bryan's work is terrific and my sink looks wonderful. No one would ever suspect this sink fell through the countertop and ended up on my kitchen floor. Bryan made it look brand new again. I can't say enough wonderful things about Bryan's workmanship and work ethic. Thank you Bryan!"

Sid & Heidi Manning

Cary, NC

I always love hearing those testimonials. Hi Macs sink reattachment in Cary, NC proudly done by Complete Solid Surface Refinishing

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