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Friday, May 22, 2009

Formica Solid Surface Integral Sink Replacement, Pilot Mountain, NC

Today I did a Formica Solid Surface Integral sink replacement. The sink had a crack in one of the bowls. Notice the yellowish smudge on the crack. The homeowner went out and bought one of those kits that claims that it will fix your cracked sink or countertops so you will not have to call a repair specialist. Needless to say, the repair is ugly and the sink still will not hold water.

The job went great. The customer is a 3rd shift worker. I came in and went to work while they slept. A short 4 hours later the customer woke up and stumbled out of his cave to find that he had a new sink. He was glad to have it done and I was glad to do it.

I can't take all of the credit. I'm sure there is no way that I would have gotten the job done without the help of "Rocky".

Rocky made sure that I didn't slack off. He was a good helper for the day.

Formica Solid Surface Integral Sink Replacement, Pilot Mountain, NC. Done By Complete Solid Surface Refinishing.

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lyra said...

I have the same problem with a crack in a solid surface sink and the sink does not hold water. I am seeking a way to repair it even if it is ugly. I have a dish drainer on the side of the sink with the crack so no matter how ugly the repair, you won't see it. Do you have any suggestions on what may work? Thanks for any tips!