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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Solid Surface Repair. Greensboro, NC Acetone Burns

Solid Surface countertops have a few enemies. The most common foe is heat. From a Crock Pot or any hot pots, griddles, etc. You probably already know that. But one thing a lot of people do not know about is the devastating effect that Acetone can have on their countertop.

Acetone is found in several forms. Naturally the most destructive form is to get from a can labeled "Acetone". This is straght acetone. Nothing but the mean stuff.
It is also found as an active ingredient in a few different items around the house such as finger nail polish remover, some paint thinners, and in some brass and silver cleaners.

Whether it is found in a mixed form or the straight form, it can cause great damage to your solid surface countertops. This is an account of the worst case of acetone burn that I have ever come across.

Greensboro, NC. I felt really bad for these homeowners because they had only had their Hi Macs countertops for a few months. I felt bad for the lady because she cried and cried when it happened. They had scrimped and saved to get the countertops and she loved them.
Then, I felt bad for the man because his wife was about to kill him for doing this to her new countertops. I also felt bad for him because he had not idea that he was about to destroy their new investment. Yeah, the man did it. Looking back on it, I think this could have been a Tim Taylor Tool Time episode.

What happened was, he was painting the ceiling in his kitchen. He had laid down a thick canvas drop cloth on the countertop to protect it from splattering paint. Good move. At some point though, he broke out the paint thinner and ended up spilling it onto the drop cloth. Since he had no idea of the destructive power of the paint thnner on his countertops, he did not immediately pick up the drop cloth and rush it out the door. It just sat there for a while.

It was not until later that the horror of what just happened would become apparant. When he finally went to get the drop cloth off of the countertop he found that it was stuck to the countertop. He finally got the drop cloth to come up. He immediately did the next worse thing that he could have done. He poured more paint thinner onto the countertops and gave it a paint thinner wipe down to try and even out the damaged look. This was not the best idea that he had that day. Instead of giving a nice unform look, he evenly distributed the destruction. Man was he shocked!

Be sure and check back in the next couple of days to see these pictures and get the rest of the story. You won't believe your eyes! You can subscribe to my blog using the form on the top left of the page too!

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