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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Countertop Repair. Laurinburg, NC. Heat Damage.

Countertop Repair, Laurinburg, NC. Heat damage. This countertop, as you can tell, has a little problem. It fell victim to holiday cheer. Here's what I mean.

Holidays are a time to really give your kitchen, particularly your countertops, as real workout. All of the baking and boiling and broiling and crock potting and candy making can be very uplifting and enjoyable but countertops often get the most damage during those times.

This countertop was cracked totally in two while the homeowner was making peanut brittle candy for Christmas. She told me she had been looking for a slab of marble to roll out the candy mixture. She could not find one and thought that it would probably be just fine to flop the candy mixture down on the countertop. She had never been told about the kind of damage that can occur when you mix very hot heat with solid surface countertops.

It's bad enough when you have one major crack, even worse if you have more than one crack. This kitchen had another major cracking episode. This one was not caused by candy making. It is just a typical cooktop cutout crack. Of course, this one needed to be repaired too.

It was a pretty long day but finally the cracks were all fixed and the kitchen was back to normal. Here's the pics.


Unfortunately, she learned the hard way like so many before her. Fortunately, she found Complete Solid Surface Refinishing and had her countertop repaired. Now all is well. Her top is no longer cracked in half and she has been educated about the hazards of excessive heat on her solid surface countertops.

Countertop repair, Laurinburg NC. By Complete Solid Surface Refinishing.

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