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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Solid Surface Countertop Repairs.

As always, this crack has been outlined in pencil for clarity.

One of the most important rooms in the house is the kitchen. Whether you are in there to eat or your just hanging out watching tv and talking with friends and family, the kitchen is the main hangout in a lot of homes. Anymore, people have telivisions and computer epquipment right in there with them. Dining room and den combinations are very popular.

In a room that gets that much attention, you don't want the main workhorse and focal point to look like pooh. Countertops that are all beat up looking with scratches and cracks in them can make the most popular room not all that appealing. Not to mention the fact that it kind of hurts your feelings to know that you have to spend another $3000-$10,000 to replace them all and get back the inviting feeling of the all important kitchen.

Guess what? You don't have to worry yourself with that!. These days, you can have your countertop cracks repaired with virtually no sign of ever having had a problem at all. The same goes for your ugly, dingy, cracked up sink.

It really is incredible the kind of magic that a qualified countertop repair specialist can do for your tops. You have a crack that is 6" long and has turned dark black on your gorgeous white countertop? That's okay, it can be repaired. I don't mean just patched, I mean repaired, fixed, restored, brought back to brand new condition.

Also, something that people worry about sometimes is the fact that since it has been repaired, is it more likely to crack again and have to be repaired over and over. The answer is absolutely not. More often than not, the area that has been repaired actually is a lot more stable than it was even before it was cracked.

In talking to several countertop repair companies and even the big manufacturers of countertops, I have found that it is almost unheard of for a repair technician to be called back to a house for the same repair. Normally, if you have the pleasure of meeting a countertop repair man at your home, you better enjoy the visit because chances are, you will never have another reason to see them again, unless of course you have set up a maintanence program with them.

Once you see that you have a problem, it is a good idea to go ahead and schedule an appointment to get your tops fixed. While your countertops are not exactly alive, they do have a progressive quality about them and small cracks tend to get larger over time. The larger and more active the cracking is, the more work the repair man has to do and the more it will cost you. For this reason, it is good to go ahead and shell out the money for the repair early on rather than wait until your 6" straight crack becomes a zig zagged eyesore that resembles the path of the Colorado River.

The same goes for the sink in your countertop, if it is a solid surface sink and it is starting to crack, it is even more important to make a move to get that fixed becasue if it cracks open then of course you have more repairs to make because then you have water damage to contend with.

In conclusion, don't let a small crack get big, don't agonize over the thousands of dollars that you will have to spend on replacing your tops, and don't worry about the longevity of the repairs. The repairs are permanent, reliable, and can completely turn around that usettled feeling that you get everytime you look at your ugly, cracked up investment.
See. All better.



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