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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Corian Countertop Repair. Rock Hill, South Carolina

This is a Corian countertop repair in Rock Hill, South Carolina.
A Realtor in the area, Judy Castorina with Reeves Realty and Associates, contacted me to repair this countertop. They had a buyer but only if the countertops and a few other things were repaired or replaced. They did not want the expense of replacing the topss and they hoped I could help them.

The cooktop cutout has a major, two directional crack in the corner and a straight crack just to the right of the cooktop.

Now that I have the cooktop out of there, we can get access to the area and start on the repair.

The homeowners did not have any DYE LOT MATCHING material so we had to harvest it from the backsplash on the smallest top.

Here is the cooktop after the crack repair. Just like brand new.

The backsplash has been replaced on the small top, and I also did a refinish on the rest of the countertops and replaced the caulk around the cast iron drop in sink and backsplash. The countertop had tons of little pokes from a knife or something. They all came out in the refinish process.

Corian countertop crack repair in Rock Hill South Carolina done by Complete Solid Surface Refinishing.

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