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Monday, November 8, 2010

Retro Fab Corian Countertop, Re Use Corian Countertop, Winston Salem, NC

I refer to these types of jobs as a retrofit or a retro fab. Some folks refer to it as recycling Corian. What ever you call it, here it is.

These countertops came out of a house in Winston Salem, NC. They took them out so they could have new granite installed. Obviously they realized that their Corian countertops were still full of life and they decided to donate the tops to their aunt who lived on the other side of town.

Of course, as with any Corian recycling, the countertops need to be reworked in order to fit into the new space. The sink has to be moved, some edges cut off, some edges added, and then of course it needs a complete refinish to bring it back up to brand new. After all, even though these tops are pre owned, we want them to look just as good as the day they first rolled out of the fab shop. Here is the kitchen with it's existing old laminate countertops. On a side note, usually laminate countertops are not that hard to tear out. These were fabricated on site about 35 years ago and hidden nails and screws and lots of liquid nail. Getting these out was about the biggest challenge in this kitchen.

Here is the kitchen before.

Here is the finished kitchen. The aunt loved it and was very thankful to her sister for the new upgrade to her condo kitchen.

Retro Fab, Recycle, Re Use Corian Countertop, Winston Salem, NC. Done By Complete Solid Surface Refinishing In Beautiful North Carolina!


stainless steel undermount sink said...

Wow! That is one of the most gorgeous sink I ever saw. I love the design. The color is very pleasant to eyes. I like it so much.

Beth said...

A belated happy Thanksgiving to you. Thanks for continuing your work on this enjoyable blog.

Tomson said...

Interesting to know, I've worked with solidsurface, not Corian, nice to know you can actually recycle counters.

Nick Raymon said...

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