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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Countertop Repair. This Is Why You Need A Specialist.

You find out that you have a crack in your solid surface countertop. Naturally, you want to find someone to fix the crack for you. You call all over the place looking to find someone to fix the crack and you discover that this is not the kind of job that most handymen and local contractors will take on for you.

Eventually you start calling around to solid surface countertop fabricators and you discover that most of them are not interested in sending one of their fabricators out to help you either. Why is that?

Here are a couple of reasons why this happens.

  • Most fabricator shops have a large overhead and lots of new fabrication and installation to get to. This is what pays their bills. If they have a guy in the shop that is generating $1000.00 a day in revenue for them by fabricating, they probably will not want to take him out of the shop to do a repair for $400-$500.

  • A lot of fabrication shops have great fabricators that can build magnificent countertops practically in their sleep. However, they may scratch their head in bewilderment at the thought of doing a countertop crack repair on a countertop that is already installed in your home.

    1. Now, you may find someone that says they can fix the crack for you but that is not what they do on a regular basis. Everybody has to start somewhere but do you really want someone to use your kitchen as their training ground to develop their skills?

      Don't get me wrong. I am not saying that they are trying to get one over on you or anything like that. In fact, they may be very well intentioned and only be trying to help you. But, when it comes to your substantial investment in your countertops, you don't care about good intentions. You care about good results. This is why you need a countertop repair specialist to repair your solid surface countertops.

      Here is a perfect example of a bad solid surface countertop repair. Not only is it ugly, it did not hold for very long. Notice the different color stripe and the squiggly crack that is coming right off of the repair strip.

      The reason there is a different color stripe is because whoever repaired it used the wrong color material. Not just a different dye lot, a whole other color of white. I do have to admit, sometimes matching white material when there is none left by the original fabricator can prove to be very tricky. That is why you need a countertop repair specialist. They can figure these things out ahead of time and usually prevent these types of results from happening.

      Fortunately, these homeowners were able to find Complete Solid Surface Refinishing to come and make the new repair. That is all we do. Solid surface countertop repair. Nothing else. We were able to get to the bottom of the color match delema and make a great repair for them.

      At the time of repair, I had not been out to their home before. They told me basically what they had over the phone and I showed up with several shades of white solid surface to make the repair. Guess what. Out of all the material that I brought with me, not one single piece of it was a match. Did I go ahead and make the repair with the wrong color? Of course not.

      They a seperate desk top in their kitchen that was made from the same material. Their main countertop had a tile backsplash which was no help to us. However, their desk top had a backsplash that was made from the same solid surface material. I was able to remove the sidesplash from the wall and "harvest" that material for the repair.

      Here is the end result.

      The customers were very happy with the results and I was very happy to help.

      Another great repair done by Complete Solid Surface Refinishing in beautiful North Carolina.


      Anonymous said...

      As sales manager of a whole fabrication shop in North Carolina let me attest to the validity of this post. I could not have stated it better myself. The proprietor of CCSR does a top quality job and we have used this company many times in the past to help us out of difficult situations.

      Jon Orenstein
      Carolina Custom Surfaces
      Greensboro, North Carolina

      B said...

      Thanks for the kind words John. It's always a pleasure to help when I can.

      Anonymous said...

      As a long time countertop contractor I to can attest to the fact that you need a specialist for repairs. I have personally see at least 5 different cases where somebody has incorrectly matched the color of the countertop.

      Anonymous said...

      I was told CSSR would probally be the only one willing to tackle solid surface in a motorhome. He came highly recommended. Scheduling was easy,the repair invisible and the price very reasonable. My wife and I are very happy.